Annual report 2019

Top 2019 stories from the people who made them happen

Annual report
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RVC is a government fund of funds, an operator of state projects and a development institute for the venture capital market and innovation ecosystem.

We serve the interests of Russian entrepreneurs able to ensure Russia’s leadership in the global technology market. The heroes of this report share what they’ve managed to achieve in this area in 2019 in collaboration with RVC.

Stories of 2019

  • 29

    venture funds

    in RVC’s portfolio

  • 64,4

    bln RUB

    the total amount
    of RVC-backed funds

  • 325

    investments approved for portfolio companies of RVC-backed funds

Stories of 2019


Alexander Povalko Alexander Povalko

RVC CEO sums up the results of 2019 for the technology businesses in Russia

New Industry Ventures New Industry Ventures

Tatyana Morozova, CEO of «New Industry Ventures», on the Fund and the criteria for selecting projects

Leader-innovations and Vocord Leader-innovations and Vocord

Sergey Kerber, Managing Director at Leader Asset Management, on the deal with Huawei


Alexander Redkin, CEO of Syntacore, on some details of the deal with YADRO and how RISC-V will change everything


Dmitry Kholkin, Head of the Energynet Legislative Working Group, shares insights about new energy markets

NTI projects

Who selects NTI projects and how the process of granting support
has been simplified


Entrepreneur Stanislav Ashmanov on NTI support and his Open Source platform for creating chatbots and voice assistants

NTI Competence Centers NTI Competence Centers

Three Directors of NTI Competence Centers on how scientists are learning about commerce


Boris Ivanov, Head of StarLine’ «Smart Car» department, on the future of the unmanned vehicle industry in Russia and the benefits from tech contests


Managing director at GenerationS Ekaterina Petrova explains how to become one of the top five best state accelerators in the world

Digital Economy Digital Economy

Sergey Chaplygin, Director of the SamSMU Institute for Innovative Development, on the status of a leading research center for digital economy and the future of medicine in Samara


Three finalists of a technical creativity competition talk about inventions originating in technological clubs